New Airport Scenery for FSX

This page contains new scenery and major airport modifications for FSX only. Examples would be addition or modification of runways, taxiways, buildings etc. Also usually includes modification of surrounding terrain such as the addition of missing towns/cities and modification of lake/river shorelines that interfere with the airport.

FSX is already a monster of a program, and most addon scenery files are huge, taking up valuable hard drive space and graphics intensive, resulting in big frame rate hits (unless you have a super-computer). My philosophy is to keep it small and simple. Fortunately Microsoft Flight Simulator X© includes a lot of extra scenery objects. Using these wherever possible has allowed me to keep my scenery files small and frame-rate friendly.

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(Scenery work in progress...check back frequently for new additions)

IMPORTANT: All of my scenery is designed for use with default FSX scenery. They may be incompatable with any other third party scenery. Unpredictable conflicts may result.

Scenery Package


 Calgary International Airport (CYYC)
Alberta, Canada

Size: 104 KB

This is a complete revision of CYYC that includes the newest North-South runway 35R-17L. New taxiways, updated taxiway signs, updated runway numbers, and all new approaches with current waypoints.


 Dawson City Airport (CYDA)
Yukon Territory, Canada

Added 11/7/13

 This scenery dresses up the Dawson City Airport with enhancements that make it much more realistic in appearance (although fictional). The town of Dawson City has also been added (located several miles to the southwest, on the Yukon River).


Karakol Airport - UAFP
(New Airport)

This package creates a new airport that exists in real world but is missing from FSX. It is located in the city of Przhevalsk in the country of Kyrgyzstan.

Northwest Territories Airports (Canada)

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This package contains most of the airports in Canada's Northwest Territories that is served by North-Wright Airways. The scenery is fictional but Google Earth was used to approximate the location of the villages, which FSX had left out. The airports included are: Norman Wells, Deline, Ft. Goodhope, Tulita, Inuvik, Ft. McPherson, and Aklavik and Yellowknife. Default scenery objects were used to enhance the airports and towns and lakes are created with landclass scenery; therefore the files are extremely small and will not affect frame rates.

  Small Alaska Airports

 This is and will be a series of small Alaskan airport sceneries. Click the link to go to the Alaska scenery page for downloads, descriptions and photos.

 Station Nord, Greenland (BGNO)



Microsoft did not include this strategic airstrip/research station so, upon request from another flightsim pilot, I constructed it based on the limited information available, along with my imagination.

Station Nord (BGNO) is a military and scientific station in northeastern Greenland 1700 km north of the Arctic Circle at 81°36'N, 16°40'W. It is about 924 km (574 mi) from the geographic North Pole. The Danish Defense Command base is staffed by five Danish NCOs on a 26-month tour of duty; accommodation is also available for over twenty scientists and other personnel during the summer months. The station has about 35 buildings. It is not accessible by ship; ice conditions would permit a passage only every five to ten years. The name Nord simply means "north" in Danish. Winter darkness extends from 15 November to 28 January.

The station was recognized as important as a gateway to otherwise- inaccessible parts of northern Greenland and was made permanent. Today the operation of the station is under the responsibility of the Joint Arctic Command (Arktisk Kommando), but is manned on a daily basis with personnel from the three services and five volunteers are stationed there 26 months at a time with a 3-5 weeks leave period in the middle.The landing strip is kept open for approximately 300 days a year and is maintained with two large snow blowers and two snow plows

The single gravel runway 03 - 21 is 5248 ft. X 187 Ft.  

Whitehorse International (CYXY)
Yukon Territory, Canada

This is fictional scenery for Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, and Whitehorse International Airport (CYXY). Here is what to look for in this scenery package:
- Added the Yukon river which runs along side the airport. It is missing in the default scenery
- Restructured the city of Whitehorse to more closely represent the real world location
- Removed many of the default buildings on the airport and replaced them with building more realistic.
- Added a cargo ramp
- Added missing taxiway signs
- Added ramp lights for night operations
- Repair ILS and Localizer missed approaches

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