U.S. Regional Airports

This is and will be a series of small U.S. airport sceneries. Most of these airports had little or no scenery enhancements, or the buildings looked out of place. I also added representations of the missing towns that were not included in the default scenery. In a few cases I added missing GPS/RNAV approaches.

I have built these files in such a way as to conserve hard drive space, so as new airports are added, you will simply add them to the same folder. I suggest setting up a folder called US Regional Airports with Scenery and Texture subfolders. Then add the US Regional Airports folder to your FSX "Scenery Library". Check the included "readme" files for details. As with my other sceneries, these will be small files and frame-rate friendly.




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You can view the modifications made to each airport. The screen shots can be enlarged by clicking on the thumbnail photos. Download the .zip file by clicking on the airport name.

 Akron-Canton Regional (KCAK)

Size: 4.1 Mb
Added 4/9/2017

View KCAK Description PDF 




 Bishop Int'l Airport
Flint, MI, KFNT

Size: 1.78 Mb
Added: 12/10/16

Description PDF




 Bradley Int'l Airport
Windsor Locks, CT

Size: 3.3 Mb
Added: 2/11/17
Bug Fix on 2/24/17
(Removed several stray taxi signs)

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 Charlotte/Douglas Int'l Airport - KCLT
Charlotte, NC

Size: 6.7Mb
Added: 10-10-18

View KCLT Description PDF 






 Corpus Christi Intn'l Airport (KCRP)
Corpus Christi, TX

Size: 2.4 Mb
Added: 11-7-18

View KCRP Description PDF 





 Great Falls Int'l - KGTF
Great Falls, MT

Size: 5.9 Mb
Added: 11/25/17

View KGTF Description PDF 




 Jonesboro Municiple Airport
Jonesboro AK, KJBR

Size: 3.4 Mb
Added: 11/27/15

 View KJBR
Description PDF


 Laramie Regional Airport - KLAR
Laramie, Wyoming

Size: 3.43 Mb
Added: 2/14/16

View KLAR Description PDF   

 Bluegrass Airport-KLEX
Lexington, KY

Size: 386 Kb
Added: 1/15/16

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 Minneapolis-St Paul Int'l (KMSP)

Size: 870 kb
Added: 6/15/16  

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 Palm Beach Int'l (KPBI)

Size:6.6 Mb
Added: 1/21/2019

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 San Diego Int'l (KSAN)

Size: 56 kb
Added: 8/20/16

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 Thief River Falls Regional - KTVF

Size: 2.89 MB
Added: 3/12/16

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