Stock FS-2004 Airport fixes

This page contains minor fixes to FS-2004 (FS9) airports. Examples would be realignment of a stock airport ILS, addition of a missing ILS, moving improperly positioned buildings or taxiway signs, etc.  Generally thes files are the AFCAD files (Airport layout) only, with no additional scenery and texture files.

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(Scenery work in progress...check back frequently for new additions)


Scenery Package


 Cleveland-Hopkins Int'l (KCLE)

Size:  119 kb
Added: 10/20/16

This file contains airport and terrain modifications. The original FS9 version had runway 6L-24R much shorter that 6R-24L. This modified version brings the airport up to date per current Airport Diagram. I have also updated the approaches and added or corrected waypoints accordingly. I have also added terrain modifications to accomodate the airport expansion.


 This was a major project because of all the modifications that had to be made. Hpe you enjo it.

Fredericton, NB (CYFC)


This is a AFCAD file to add ILS/DME 09. Also removed ILS Localizer 15 which does not exist real world. Also made a few minor modifications to the airport.

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Newark, NJ - (KEWR)

This file fixes an issue with the aircraft locking onto the backcourse instead of the regular ILS approaches to a couple of the runways at Newark (KEWR). The approaches to Rwy 4L/22R and Rwy 4R/22L are fixed by changing the frequencies:
Rwy 4L ILS is 110.7
Rwy 22R ILS is 110.75
Rwy 4R ILS is 108.75
Rwy 22L ILS is 108.7
All frequencies are listed in the map view.

New York La Guardia (KLGA)

This AFCAD fixes an issue with the aircraft locking onto the backcourse instead of the regular ILS approaches to a couple of the runways at La Guardia (KLGA). The fix removes the Localizer approach to runway 31, which does not exist in the real world. The approaches to Rwy 4 and Rwy 22 are fixed by changing the frequencies to these two runways:
Rwy 4 ILS is changed from 110.5 to 110.8
Rwy 22 ILS is changed from 110.5 to 110.55
The ILS for Rwy 13 is changed from 108.5 to 108.6
All frequencies are listed in the map view.

Oklahoma City, Will Rogers World

This is a AFCAD file only. It updates the airport based on current airport diagram:
- Added ILS 35L
- Added several taxiways and updated taxi signs
- Added additional parking

 Panghorn Memorial Airport (KEAT)
Wenatchee, WA

 This is a AFCAD file only.  It adds ILS/DME to runway 12. It also lengthens runway 12 per current airport diagram. ILS-12 waypoints included.

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Picayune-Pearl River Co Airport (KPCU) Mississippi scenery fix This is a fix that removes bridge segments randomly placed on the airport property. No other modifications are made to the airport.

 Reno/Tahoe Intl (KRNO)
Added ILS RWY-34L

 This is a AFCAD file only that updates the stock airport with the addition of ILS for runway 34L

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 Rocky Mountain Metropolitan (KBJC)
Rework Taxiways

 This scenery package brings the taxiway layout up-to-date with current Airport Diagram for Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (formerly Jeffco), Denver Colorado. Taxiways were reworked along with the taxiway signs. The pond adjacent to the SE end of Taxiway "A" has been removed to accomodate taxiway A3, and also because it no longer exists in real world airport. A few additional parking spots were also added.