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New Scenery for FS-2004

This page contains new scenery and major airport modifications for FS-2004 (FS9) only. Examples would be addition or modification of runways, taxiways, buildings etc. Also usually includes modification of surrounding terrain such as the addition of missing towns/cities and modification of lake/river shorelines that interfere with the airport.

Unlike payware scenery, these files are relatively framerate friendly and won't tax you airtime download limits or eat up valuable hard drive space.

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Click on the file package name to download
(Scenery work in progress...check back frequently for new additions)

 IMPORTANT: All of my scenery is designed for use with default FS9 scenery. They may be incompatable with any other third party scenery. Unpredictable conflicts may result.

Scenery Package


Banff, AB CYBA (Canada)

Click to view screen shots

This is fictional scenery for the Banff area, designed for FS9. I created this scenery to "dress up" the area, which was pretty bare.
Do not expect realistic positioning of the town, ski slopes, roads, etc.
Here is what to look for in this scenery package:

- Airport Enhancements:
- Log Terminal/FBO building
- 4 small aircraft parking spots
- yellow tires marking the runway edges
- operational rotating beacon
- runway lights
- Town of Banff added as Land Class scenery
- Golf Course
- Ski slopes with lodge at top and bottom of slopes

Cherry Capital Airport (KTVC)
Traverse City, MI

This scenery relocates the passenger terminal to it's present location and updates several taxiways. Also added a few additional buildings and some airport vehicles.

 Calgary Int'l Airport

Size: 235 KB
Added 9-27-14

Calgary International Airport for FS-2004
This is the completely revised CYYC which has the second North-South runway added; other runways renamed and added/revised taxiways and signs. Also updated all of the approaches. NOTE: It is very important that you first remove any other non-stock CYYC scenery.

See the readme file for detailed list of changes.



 Dawson City Airport (CYDA)
Yukon Territory, Canada


 This scenery dresses up the Dawson City Airport with enhancements that make it much more realistic in appearance (although fictional). The town of Dawson City has also been added (located several miles to the southwest, on the Yukon River).



Fairbanks Alaska (PAFA)

Click to view screenshots

This scenery modifies the Fairbanks International Airport (PAFA) based on up-to-date airport diagram.

Here is what to look for in this scenery package:

- changed the default runway 1R-19L from asphalt to gravel and renamed it 2-20. This is a short runway for light aircraft and ski planes.
- added new asphalt runway 2R-20L
- reconstructed and renamed taxiways.
- added jetways to terminal building
- added night lighting to the West ramp area
- Added a firestation on the West Ramp
-rearranged parking throughout the airport
- Renamed runway 1L-19R to current designation 2L-20R
-Rerouted the road around the south end of the airport in order to get rid of the bridge that appeared in the default scenery and to accomodate the new runway 2R-20L


Karakol Airport (UAFP)
New Airport

This package creates a new airport that exists in real world but is missing from FSX. It is located in the city of Przhevalsk in the country of Kyrgyzstan.

Click image to enlarge

Northwest Territories Airports

click to view screen shots

This package contains most of the airports in Canada's Northwest Territories that is served by North-Wright Airways. The scenery is fictional but Google Earth was used to approximate the location of the villages, which FS9 had left out. The airports included are: Norman Wells, Deline, Ft. Goodhope, Tulita, Inuvik, Ft. McPherson, and Aklavik.
Seattle Tachoma Airport Upgrade

This package adds the third parallel runway 16R-34L and additional taxiways. A few other enhancements have also been made. Be sure to read the ReadMe file for details and installation instructions.

Click image to enlarge

Small Alaskan Airports

This is and will be a series of small Alaskan airport sceneries. Click the link to go to the Alaska scenery page for downloads, descriptions and photos. 

Whitehorse International (CYXY)
Yukon Territory, Canada

This is fictional scenery for Whitehorse (CYXY) Yukon Territory, Canada, designed for FS9.
Here is what to look for in this scenery package:

- Added the Yukon River
- Added landclass representing the city of Whitehorse
- Removed some of the default airport buildings and added third party buildings that look more appropriate
- Added jetway to terminal
- Added missing taxiway signs
- Added a cargo ramp
- Added ramp lights for night operations

Wichita Mid-Continent (KICT)
Airport Update

This is an AFCAD upgrade of the FS9 version of KICT. The default airport was outdated.
Upgrades include:

- Added ILS/DME 19L
- Reconstructed taxiway M
- Added connecting taxiways between taxi M and rwy 1R-19L
- Updated all taxway signs to conform to current airport diagram
- Reconfigured terminal gate parking (not to real world standards
- Added many additional parking spots throughout airport
- Added Cessna Service Center ramp.
- Added default FS9 buildings to Cessna Service Center ramp

 WestWind VA Special Scenery
FS-2004 only

 This is fictionsl FS9 scenery of a WestWind VA resort in Tahiti. It is the site of an annual R & R and Christmas party for WestWind VA pilots. This scenery is brand new and will require deleting the original, if installed. Major change is the addition of a 2500 ft grass airstrip.


Yellowknife, NT CYZF (Canada)

Click here to view screenshots

This scenery fixes some issues with the airport
and the overflow of the lake adjacent to the airport due to lack of terrain flattening. A land class representing the town of Yellowknife was added along with a few enhancements to the airport.



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