Small Alaska Airports for FSX

This is and will be a series of small Alaskan airport sceneries. Most of these airports had little or no scenery enhancements, or the buildings looked out of place. I also added representations of the missing towns that were not included in the default scenery. In a few cases I added missing GPS/RNAV approaches.

I have built these files in such a way as to conserve hard drive space, so as new airports are added, you will simply add them to the same folder. I suggest setting up a folder called Alaska Airports with Scenery and Texture subfolders. Then add the Alaskan Airport folder to your FSX "Scenery Library". Check the included "readme" files for details. As with my other sceneries, these will be small files and frame-rate friendly.

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Note: If you want all of my Alaska Small Airports, but do not want to download them individually, I have compiled all of the scenery files published before 1/7/2014 into one .zip file. Be sure to read the "README" file for installation instructions.  Click here to download this 10.6 MB file

You can view the modifications made to each airport. The screen shots can be enlarged by clicking on the thumbnail photos. Download the .zip file by clicking on the airport name.

Aniak (PANI)

Size: 568 KB


Arctic Village (PARC)

Size: 48 KB
Added 10/21/13

 Click for PARC Description PDF


Barrow (PABR)

Size: 162 KB

 Click for PABR Description PDF


Bethel (PABE)

Size: 179 KB

 Click for PABE Description PDF


Cordova-Smith Airport (PACV)

Size: 90 KB

 Click for PACV Description PDF

Deadhorse (PASC)

Size: 30 KB
Added 12/17/13

 Click for PASC Description PDF

Dillingham (PADL)

Size: 19 KB

 Click for PADL Description PDF


 Eureka Lodge - Skelton Airport (PAZK)

Size: 2.13 MB
Added: 1/11/14

 Click for PAZK Description PDF


 Fort Yukon (PFYU)

Size: 158 KB
Added 3/5/14

 Click for PFYU Description PDF

Galena, Pitka Airport (PAGA)

Size: 170 KB

 Click for PAGA Description PDF


 Gulkana (PAGK)

Size: 499 KB
Added 1/17/14

 Click for PAGK Description PDF

Gustavus (PAGS)

Size: 61 KB

 Click for PAGS Description PDF


Homer (PAHO)

Size: 1.14 MB

 Click for PAHO Description PDF


 Iliamna (PAIL)

Size: 352 KB
Added 2/23/14

 Click for PAIL Description PDF


Juneau (PAJN)

Size: 280 KB

 Click for PAJN Description PDF


Kake (PAFE)

Size: 16 KB
Added 12/13/13

 Click for PAFE Description PDF


Kenai Peninsula

Size: 184 KB

 Click for Kenai Description PDF





Ketchikan (PAKT)

Size: 20 KB

 Click for PAKT Description PDF


Kodiak (PADQ)

Size: 77 KB

 Click for PADQ Description PDF


Koyuk (PAKK)

Size: 26 KB
Added 11/25/13

 Click for PAKK Description PDF


Nome (PAOM)

Size: 206 KB

 Click for PAOM Description PDF


 Northway (PAOR)

Size: 352 KB
Added 3/13/14

 Click for POAR Description PDF


Petersburg (PAPG)

Size: 47 KB
Added 12/10/13

 Click for PAPG Description PDF


Salmon Lake (Z81)

Size: 3.57 MB

 Click for Z81 Description PDF


 Sheep Mountain Lodge (PASP)
Size: 13.9 KB
Added 1/7/14 

 Click for PASP Description PDF

Sitka (PASI)

Size: 16 KB

 Click for PASI Description PDF


Skagway (PAGY)

Size: 446 KB

 Click for PAGY Description PDF


St George Alaska (PAPG)

Size: 18 KB
Added 4/6/14

 Click for PAPB Description PDF


St Marys (PASM)

Size: 28 KB
Added 4/26/14

 Click for PASM Descrition PDF


 St Paul Island (PASN)

Size: 19.7 KB
Added 3/31/14

 Click for PASN Description PDF


Talkeetna (PATK & AK44)

Size:190 KB

 Click for PATK Description PDF


 Togiak (PATG)

Size: 28 KB
Added 6/27/14

 Click for PATG Description PDF


Unalakleet (PAUN)

Size: 153 KB

 Click for PAUN Description PDF


Valdez (PAVD)

Size: 61 KB

 Click for PAVD Description PDF


Wasilla (PAWS)

Size: 539 KB
Added 12/23/13

 Click for PAWS Description PDF


Willow (PAUO)

Size: 17 KB
Added 11/29/13

Click for PAUO Description PDF 


Wrangell (PAWG)

Size: 160 KB

 Click for PAWG Description PDF